Funky bowtie for dressing up all klikkklakk's clothing items

6,00 €

klikkklakk’s cool collar will make the shirt or pullover quite a few notches smarter.

8,00 €

The hood made out of high quality soft materials makes the smaller kids extra cute and the bigger ones really cool.

11,20 €
16,00 €

Fun letters, with which you can form words or names. Or why not use them to indicate the first letter of the child’s name on the piece of clothing?

3,00 €

Fun numbers, which perfectly decorate every klikkklakk's clothing item.

3,00 €

Pocket that fits all klikkklakk clothing

7,00 €

Rolldown Scarf

13,00 €

Awesome shapes and animals, which perfectly decorate every klikkklakk's shirt, pullover or pair of pants.

3,00 €