What is klikkklakk?

klikkklakk is a new Estonian brand, that’s inspired by the kids’ desire to choose and decorate their own clothes.

As we all know, getting younger kids dressed might be sometimes challenging as very often they do not like one or the other clothing item and they have a very clear vision of what they want to look like. Sounds familiar? klikkklakk is exactly that shirt, trousers or pullover with the accessories that your child wants to see on their clothing!

The innovative decorations make the klikkklakk clothing playful and special. You can choose from hoods, collars, rolldown scarves, bowties, pockets and soon we'll have numbers, letters, shapes and fun animals in the mix.

The products are meant for boys and girls, brothers and sisters between the ages of 1 and 8 (sizes 80cm-128 cm).

klikkklakk offers freedom, adventure, colors and positive emotions. Every product is as unique as the kid wearing it. klikkklakk supports child’s development and creativity by improving fine motor skills and helping to learn and creatively combine the alphabet letters and numbers.

The name klikkklakk comes from the sound of opening and closing the snap buttons that decorate the clothing.

Playful, exciting, evolving, creative, amusing, sometimes cute and polite – definitely a child’s favorite. Only if the parents were fast enough to wash those shirts or pants so the child could wear them again!

Our values:

A simple and clean design. Clothes with a beautiful silhouette and cut, inspired by the best of Nordic design. All of the products are hand-made in Estonia.

Playfulness & creativity. Childhood should be lively and fun! klikkklakk’s products make the mundane activity of getting dressed playful and interesting for the kids. The goal is to give children freedom and playful joy from changing clothing into what they want to wear, by adding decorations with snap buttons onto the shirt, pants or pullover. Our clients can buy a fantasy-rich piece of clothing, which is not decorated with famous characters from TV, but with pictures and symbols from life itself. Our products are also like educational toys, as attaching decorations with snap buttons supports the development of fine motor skills.

Economical & skin-friendly. Our products have a long lifespan, they can even be worn by different kids from one family. In addition, there is no need to buy so many different pieces of clothing as the klikkklakk clothes take a new and special look every single day. They can be worn on the playground, but also at the theater or café.

All of our clothing items are made from soft cotton and natural linen, which are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The materials have ÖKO-TEX and GOTS certificates. The snap buttons are made out of plastic, which do require a cooler washing temperature, but are friendly to the child’s skin.