klikkklakk is an Estonian children’s fashion brand, that’s inspired by the children’s desire to choose their own clothes and accessories.

As we all know too well, dressing toddlers could be challenging at times because they don’t necessarily like the clothes you’re suggesting. But they do often have a very clear vision of what to wear and how they want to look. 

With klikkklakk you give them the opportunity to wear that jacket, shirt, dress, shorts, trousers or sweater the way they want because they are able to make their own decisions on how to style themselves with the diverse attachable accessories that we offer.

Our clothes’ simple and clean cuts perfectly complement the fun accessories available, making getting dressed more playful and turning the whole process into a creative activity. You can choose from hoods, collars, turtlenecks, bow-ties, pockets, numbers, letters, geometric shapes and even animals.

klikkklakk’s collections are inspired by the colours and emotions of sunny autumns and lush springs. 

It’s meant for boys and girls, for brothers that hand down clothes to their sisters or the other way around between the ages of 1 and 8. Sizes are available from 80 cm up to 128 cm.

It offers freedom, fun and positive vibes. Every clothing item, after your child has styled it, becomes as unique as the child wearing it. It can look minimal, playful, cute, sporty, colourful and even festive. There is something for every child, occasion or mood and it’s only one “klikk” away!

The name klikkklakk comes from the sound of opening and closing the snap buttons that decorate the clothing.

Playful, exciting, evolving, creative, amusing, sometimes cute and polite – definitely a child’s favorite. Only if the parents were fast enough to wash those shirts or pants so the child could wear them again!

What's special about klikkklakk?

It’s simple + clean

Our clothes, with their minimalistic cuts, are inspired by the best of Nordic design. All of the products are designed and handmade in Estonia. 

It’s playful + creative

Our products turn the rather boring act of getting dressed into a fun and interesting experience. Our clothes support children’s development and

imagination by improving fine motor skills and helping to learn to combine the letters, numbers or shapes every time new.

It’s economical + delicate

Our products have a long lifespan and are crafted to last. Most of our products are gender neutral and can be worn by different children within the same family.

In addition, there is no need to buy many different pieces of clothing as our clothes take a new and special look every single time depending on how they get styled. Being so versatile and durable they can be worn at the playground, but also at a party or café.

All of our clothes are made from high quality cotton and linen. The majority of the materials have OKO-TEX and GOTS certificates.