How to Order?

Here is a brief overview of how we recommend you combine the products of klikkklakk.

If you have chosen the clothing item(s), then the next step would be selecting the attachable decorative details.

The long pants have 2-4 snap buttons, where you can attach, for example, a pocket or smaller felt decorations (letters, numbers, bowties, animals). The shorts have 2 snap buttons that are perfect for attaching a pocket or a bowtie or small felt details. 

The shirts, pullovers and dresses have various snap buttons, where you can attach a hood, tie, collar, rolldown scarf, pocket or of course smaller details such as numbers, letters or jolly animals.

Almost all of the details can be used on different-sized products. For example, the collar chosen for the shirt also fits the pullover and the pocket bought for the pants fits the shirt or pullover and etc.  

Placing an order

  • Choose your product and its size and/or color and add into the shopping cart

  • In the shopping cart you can add, delete and change your products.

  • To place the order, press ‘Checkout’ after which you can proceed to enter the customer information and choose the appropriate delivery service.

  • After entering the required data, you will be directed to the payment option of your choice. Payments can be made directly through PayPal by bank transfer to Moelaps OÜ bank account.

  • The order shall be deemed successfully completed if you have made the payment.

  • The order confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

It’s so simple!