How it all began? 

The idea got its roots in 2014 on a hot and beautiful summer day in Klaus café in Kalamaja, Tallinn. Two young mothers, Silvia and Liisianne, were chatting on their usual topics – children, their importance and family values, but also the costs that come along with having kids. Following that trail of thought, they reached the conclusion that in a society with an ever-growing consumer culture, it is difficult to change the mindset of the people and improve their consumer habits. A new family member can often result in buying a huge amount of material goods such as clothes and toys. As both of them value getting the most out of every item, their thoughts started moving in the following direction: how to produce children’s clothing so that they could be most efficiently utilized by one family’s children and look good at the same time?

Liisianne’s friend Laura had a very similar idea and they decided to join forces to make it all happen. Why couldn’t clothes be gender neutral, stylish, cool and have a playful element for the kids as well? How could this be achieved? The answer: create interactive clothes, which kids could decorate themselves. And so klikkklakk was born.


Liisianne Kruusmägi

Founder and developer of klikkklakk brand. Liisianne has experience both in tourism and retail, and she has been involved in representing various international brands in Estonia. After giving birth to her son, she decided to take some time off and focus on fulfilling her dreams, including a kidswear project klikkklakk.

Yoga and healhy lifestyle play an important role in her life. She spends her free time with her amazing son and daughter, and gathers inspiration from literature and traveling.



Laura Viilep

Laura has an international experience in bringing information, events and projects to people’s hearts and minds. She has organised conferences and festivals all over the world from Malaysia to Costa Rica, and her work has allowed her to combine all her passions: travels, personal growth, psychology, project & event management and philanthropy.

At the moment, she is dividing her time and energy between the world’s most awesome project klikkklakk, the sweetest sons Henri and Gregor, and the coolest job in the entire world.


Silvia Fantauzzi

One of the developers of klikkklakk. As a graphic designer she’s the one behind klikkklakk’s recognizable brand identity. Native Italian Silvia resides in London and is a mother of two.

Her most favourite things, beside her kids, are food and travel. There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the company of some friends, cooking for them and discussing the latest art exhibition or sports event. She loves travelling and discovering new places. Besides these two passions, she appreciates well thought through products, from furniture to clothes. 


Marta Moorats

A mother of two incredible girls. Also know as a freelance clothing designer. In addition, she's a lecturer at Estonian Art Academy, where she empowers young and talented artists.

As a designer, Marta speaks for sustainable fashion and environmental friendly products. She appreciates simple yet smart solutions with a high quality in both her creations but also from other designers. At klikkklakk, she is responsible for designing cool clothing items and choosing the materials.

When Marta has some time off, she loves to be on the move - either on a plane, bicycle, train or walking. She feels that her heart sings, when she can sew or knit something for herself or her girls.